The benefits are more than an extra $90 in the bank.

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Sharing your fitness journey on social media will enhance your motivation and inspire your online community.

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Many people underestimate how strenuous this winter chore can be

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Running without technology can bring balance and fun back into your training.

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Americans are obsessed with food and diet, and most people go online for information.

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Just because it worked for one charismatic entrepreneur doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

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The best athletes of all time show us that the way we train is the way we live.

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“Marathon times are like prom dresses because nobody cares about them but you.”

What was implied was, “but they do matter — very much.”

Spoiler — most people are winners.

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Running is more about the journey than the finish line.

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It’s not because she’s bad at her job.

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Sam Randolph

Trainer. Painfully empathetic introvert. Storyteller.

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